Demasiado futuro
Thesis exhibition: first generation of artists of the academic program SOMA.
Opening October 22th, 19:00 h
Until January 12th 2014 | Sala Donceles, Centro Cultural de España

Demasiado futuro is not the only precise outcome arrived upon during the final six months of reflection and investigation by this group of artists in collaboration with the historian and critic Daniel Montero.  Demasiado futuro also marks the culmination of two years’ work realized by each artist – individually and collectively – as part of the program initiated by SOMA: a space dedicated to intercultural exchange and training in the arts. SOMA is not an official academic institution and does not have a dominant field of study. At SOMA, students propose their own work agenda, following their intuition, academic concerns and tastes, while SOMA proposes to motivate students to explore all possibilities and to discover the potential of their ideas. Based on the notion that artists learn through the work of other artists’ dialog, critiques, as well as debate and confrontation, thus are assembled the central tools of this project. And precisely from that point, after long discussions and reflection, derives this exposition, which, far from being a show about first attempts, reveals a platform where we may allow ourselves to get closer to the work of an interesting, diverse, and plural group of artists – that while future remains ahead of them have not stopped producing a profoundly relevant and prepositive body of work, as was evidenced in works collected in the CCEMEX space. From performance to painting, from installations, sound art, video and sculpture, all that is here can be seen as the product of each artists’ work process; a process that nonetheless was put on view, and by this, displayed for review, for the purpose of collectively exploring the possibilities of production, even today, a significant, substantial art in agreement with the times that pass. We arrived at these conclusions.


Alicia Medina (México, 1987), Ana Bidart (Montevideo, Uruguay 1985), Begoña Morales (Lima, Perú 1977), Claudia Cisneros (Guadalajara, México 1986), Cristina Ochoa (Bogotá, Colombia 1979), Cristóbal Gracia (México D.F., 1987), Daniel Monroy Cuevas (Guadalajara, México, 1980), David Alejandro Hernández (México, 1984), Dulce Chacón (México, 1976), Federico Martínez Montoya (Ciudad de México, 1984), Gabriel Escalante (México, 1984), Iván Krassoievitch, (México,1980), María Cerdá Acebrón (Madrid, 1984), Natalia Ibáñez Lario (España 1980), Nuria Montiel, (México,1982), Paola De Anda (México, D.F., 1979), María Paola Cabrera Raffo (Lima, Perú, 1972), Rolando López (México), Susana Rodríguez Gutiérrez (Guadalajara, México), Yanieb Fabre (México, 1983).



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