Amy Sara Carroll

Amy Sara Carroll is the author of two collections of poetry SECESSION (Hyperbole Books, an imprint of San Diego State University Press, 2012) and FANNIE + FREDDIE/The Sentimentality of Post-9/11 Pornography (Fordham University Press, 2013), chosen by Claudia Rankine for the 2012 Poets Out Loud Prize, and the scholarly monograph REMEX: Toward an Art History of the NAFTA Era (University of Texas Press, 2017). Since 2008, she has been a member of Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0/b.a.n.g. lab, coproducing the Transborder Immigrant Tool which was included the 2010 California Biennial. With EDT 2.0/b.a.n.g. lab and the University of Michigan interdisciplinary workshop the Border Collective, she collaboratively authored [({ })] The Desert Survival Series/La serie de sobrevivencia del desierto (The Ofeice of Net Assessment/ University of Michigan Digital Environments Cluster Publishing Series, 2014). Published under a Creative Commons license, the volume has been digitally redistributed by CTheory Books (2015), the Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 3 (2016), CONACULTA E-Literatura/Centro de Cultura Digital (2016), and HemiPress (2017). Summer 2010 and every summer thereafter, Carroll has participated in Mexico City’s alternative arts space SOMA. Currently, Carroll is a 2017-2018 Society Fellow in Cornell University’s Society for the Humanities. She will be a 2018-2019 Research Fellow in the Latino Research Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin. Fall 2019, she’ll join the faculty of the Department of Literary Studies at the New School in New York City where she’ll teach literature and creative writing.


Calle 13 #25, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, 03800 Ciudad de México