Hazel Batrezchavez

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Hazel Batrezchavez received her Bachelor of Arts  in Studio Art and Anthropology from Grinnell College. She has been a part of various group exhibitions and pop-up shows in California, New Mexico, Iowa, and Minnesota. Her work moves freely between sculpture, video installation, and performance, as a way to address the complexities of identity, and all that is tied to it, like the body, language, and material. She is interested in how the act of performing identity through daily rituals can be translated  to the action that can happen in the process of making a sculpture or doing a performance. She recognizes that within the fine arts world, there is an expectation that if you are raced, or gendered that your work is directly associated with identity. Often in identity, or race  curated exhibitions, the work functions as a double edge sword; it celebrates achievement, while also creating, and fixing notions of race. Therefore in her praxis and in her work, you will not a find Frida Kahlo, day of the dead skulls, nor will you find a sombrero, or a trope about the hard working immigrant, you will not find delicate, and soft materials just because she is a female either. What you will find her taking up space, her forcing the viewer to recognize that she is taking up space, and a resistance to conform to the existing structures, to be defined and labeled with the institutional language, whether that be through the large scale objects, or the actions that take place in the studio or the performance. Currently Batrezchavez is an Instructor of Record and working towards her MFA in Sculpture at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque


Calle 13 #25, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, 03800 Ciudad de México