Isak Berbic

Isak Berbic is a visual artist working with photography, moving image and performance. His research concerns social histories, the limits of representation, and global circulation of images. In the 1990’s when Yugoslavia disintegrated and Sarajevo was under siege, Isak Berbic and his family escaped the war, lived in a refugee camp in Denmark, and sought political asylum in the United States. Isak Berbic studied art at the Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he completed his MFA degree. In Chicago he produce projects such as The End of History (2008), he started teaching, and also worked on the publishing of Zambak, an independent culture and politics publication for the North American communities of the Bosnian War diaspora. From 2007–2012 he was based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, where he taught at University of Sharjah and produced site speciHic works, photographs, films and performances, staging major projects such as Ministry of Culture (2008). In 2012 he joined the Department of Art at Stony Brook University, The State University of New York. His recent artworks overlap documents and Hiction in relation to contested histories,exploring intersecting geographies, economies, ecologies, archeologies, exchange and transformation.



Calle 13 #25, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, 03800 Ciudad de México