Jerónimo Reyes Retana

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Jerónimo Reyes Retana (1984) has been related to graphic and plastic arts since his early years. His first achievements in arts were during his early twenties; in which he used photography as a medium to represent his vision of rare settings and random places around the world. Later on he graduated with a degree on Visual Communication; this a keystone on his career, from this point on he started using tools and techniques of Graphic Design to enhance the meaning and speech his work as an artist. As a multidisciplinary artist he has worked with collage, video, installation and sculpture.  His latest work has been presented in a solo exhibition at Salón ACME and later on in Zona MACO. He also has been part of the electronic music scene since his early years. He’s work has the characteristic of combing visual aspects with hypnotic beats to create audio visual experiences. In 2015 he creates Superstudio in collaboration with fellow Mexican artist Pablo Dávila. They managed to create a light structure that’s fully synced to the music; the stunning piece was presented at Mutek Festival.


Calle 13 #25, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, 03800 Ciudad de México