Max Bouwhuis

01 / Jun / 19 - 22 / Ag / 19

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Max Bouwhuis was born in 1992 in the Netherlands. He graduated with two bachelor degrees in art history and comparative literature, while working as research assistant for Professor Joep Leerssen during the development of the recently published Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism (2018), for which he wrote several articles on the network of European art academies and museums in the transnational development of romantic nationalism. Also, he was research assistant of Dr. Sophie Berrebi, with whom he curated a research-based exhibition in 'Het Nieuwe Instituut' in Rotterdam (2017). In 2016, he set up Platform Trauma, which is a curatorial instrument parasitising empty real estate buildings in order to temporarily transform capital into public spaces. By inviting artists to co-create a temporary exhibition and public programme, Trauma reflects on the increasing gentrification and capitalisation of Amsterdam, which leaves open wounds in the city's communities. Currently, he work as curatorial assistant and research coordinator for Manifesta in Palermo, Marseille and Amsterdam. Together with Director Hedwig Fijen he have set up an experimental pre-biennial programme for Manifesta 12 in Palermo (2017-2018) and Manifesta 13 in Marseille (2018-2019). Also, he is finishing the rMA Art Studies/Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam, writing his thesis on the intersection of modern and contemporary art, science fiction and the understandings and ideologies of energy in modern capitalist societies.


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