Packard Jennings

Packard Jennings is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses appropriation, humor and interventionist tactics to explore the dynamics of public spaces and to address political and corporate transgressions against public interests. Over the past twenty-five years he has built a practice that employs interventionism, conceptual work, performance, collaboration, and social practice to engage the public and semi public spheres. He combines these contemporary methods while incorporating the more traditional mediums of sculpture, illustration, installation and video. He moves freely between entertainment, activism and artistic practice and subverts familiar tropes – be they in consumer products, film narratives, or performed characters. 

He strongly believes in sharing tools and skills with others to affect positive social change. His website is a user generated, D.I.Y. website of projects for protest and creative dissent that encourages anyone to share step-by-step instructions for dissenting actions, including: art actions, protest strategies, and other forms of public dissent.

Although he primarily works in public spaces, his work has been shown in galleries and museums in throughout the U.S. and internationally in Geneva, Turin, Paris, Stuttgart, Madrid, Ljubljana, Vancouver and Barcelona. His work has been published in several books, including Art and Agenda, Urban Interventions, the BLDG BLOG book, and We Own the Night. His work has garnered critical media attention in The Boston Globe, Artforum, Flash Art, the Believer, Adbusters, New American Painting, the Washington Post, and the front page of the New York Times. 

He lives and works in Oakland, California.


Calle 13 #25, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, 03800 Ciudad de México