Víctor Yañez

01 / Ag / 18

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After my undergraduate studies I solidified my role as a member of the creative communities of Chicago.This began with my recruitment as an instructor for the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s After School Matters educational program in Chicago public schools. A year later, I was also added to Columbia College’s Project AIM teaching artist cohort—an arts integration initiative that paired me with public school teachers to utilize art as a means to recontextualize subjects like history and literature so as to diversify the possibilities of learning for students. Throughout my 7 years of teaching I exposed students to new modes of art making, artists/art spaces within their community, and most importantly to new ways of critical thinking. Each year we also provided students the opportunity to exhibit their works in a professional museum/gallery setting. Outside of teaching I helped to successfully establish two creative non-profits in Chicago. The first, LATITUDE, is an advanced photographic digital facility whose mission it is to foster community and provide affordable and consistent access to high-end equipment. I also helped to establish The Chicago Perch—now officially Candor Arts. This non-profit functions as a small scale fine arts publishing company that occasionally offers free workshops, exhibitions and thematic symposium styled dinners. These non-profits have since grown to reach beyond Chicago helping both new and experienced artist obtain their goals


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